Daraz Online Commercial

STOP BOXING, START UNBOXING ! Online Commercial, 2017

Client : Daraz
Production House : Filmy Features
Director : Ahmed Hasan Sunny
Producer : Lucky Pampampam
Executive Producer : Dipankor Dip
Director of Photography : Mus Naz Sakib
Art Director : Omar Faruq
Make Up artist : Shuman
Assistant Directors : Nimon Morshed, Shahain Shaan , Shuvo Jamil
Offline Edit & Grading : Bashar Georgis
Background Score : Sunny
Voice : Robin Khan
Sound Mixing : Studio Cowbell
CG : Allied Media
Post Supervisor : Shaan
Production Manager : Kabir Ahamed
Cast : Kp Razib, Arpan Chakma

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