Fresh Soyabean Oil Ramadan Awareness Campaign 1

Fresh Soyabean Oil Ramadan Awareness Campaign

যতটুকু প্রয়োজন ততটুকুই আয়োজন

In an overpopulated country like Bangladesh, it is likely that there will be a shortage of food in the near future due to the Coronavirus outbreak. The situation will be worse than ever. Keeping this mind, we wanted to make people aware of buying or using only the amount they need and not more than that. In this lockdown situation, shooting was impossible but we worked from our own home and managed this production. An FMCG brand requesting not to buy or have more is rather unique. So that we designed the campaign and video is attached here.

Brand: Fresh Soyabean Oil
Client: MGI

Agency: Magnito Digital
CEO: Khawar Saud Ahmed
Creative Director: Kaushik De
Director, Accounts & Services: Ishraq Dhaly
Manager, Accounts & Services: Nafis Farhan
Project Manager: Tanjin Nahida Rafiq
Head of Content: Tasnim Noorin Brotee
Deputy Manager, Content & Planning: Shuvro Protim
Art Director: Syed Muhammad Nahiyan
Associate Art Director: Mahmudur Rahman Shakhor
Senior Executive, Visualization & Design: Sheikh Sabbir Rahman Dipu
Senior Executive, Design: Shezan Rahman
Intern, Content & Planning: Kawser Ashik

Production House: Inbox Films
Director: Shaif Ohi

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