Linkus Entertainment App OVC

Linkus Entertainment App Online Video Commercial, September, 2018

Client: Linkus
Agency: WiKreate Ltd.
Production: Out of the box films
producer: Sajib Rashid Saif
Director: Tanzim Mishu
DOP: Ebad Alim
styling: Aashu Chaudhury Aash
music: Nohel Sakib
edit and color: HM Sohel
photographer: Dipon Chandra
art: MD Aminur Islam
Makeup: Md Ripon Khan
Cast: Sheakh Mizu, Amit Roy, Haque Barish, Sneha, Morzina Sumi, Safreen Nirupoma Nirzhor and others
assistant director: Sheum Khandker
light: Jony
Location: Subrosa
post: pss ltd

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