21 Electronics Corporate TVC

Brand: 21 Electronics
Client: 21 Electronics

Director: Istiak Mahmud
Agency: Outbox Limited
Chief Creative Officer: Rasel Bari
Creative Director: Abdullah Al Mamun
Head of Account & Planning : Mostafa Kamal Aru
Production House: Blankbox Production
Dop: Sahil Rony
Music Director : Sujan Arif
Post production : Shams Saki
Assistant Director: চৌধুরী সাহেব
Steady Operator : Nazmul Bappy
Focus Puller: Mizan
Casting : Mahin Awlad
Model: Shibly Nouman
Producer: Ramin Rahman
Intern Assistant Director :Abdur Rahman Nel
Art Director: Amit
Costume Designer: Minakshi Topy
CG: Sketch I.T.

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