Kolson Macaroni TV Commercial

Kolson Macaroni

Brand: Kolson Macaroni
Client: Sajeeb Group

Head of Marketing: Ruhul F . Talukder Sumon
Brand Manager : Wakid Haider

Production House: aida motion
Director: Hassan Toufik Ankur
Producer: Sagnik Bhattacharjee
Dop: Sunil Patel
Chief ad: Madhurima Thakur
1st ad: Sandip Ghosh
Costume: Riya Banerjee
Product stylist: Goldwyn Fonseca
Food Stylist: Nitin Tandon and team
Makeup: setu
Post House : after
Post runner:Debjit samanta
Offline editor: Nirban dasgupta
Colorist: Rob Lang
Music: Mehul Vyas
special thanks: First Take films and bunty mir

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