Storytelling is an Art!

Shahriar Neel

Storytelling is an Art! 1

To talk with someone is named conversation, but if we think widely than we can name it “storytelling”. I assume now you have a question that what is the storytelling & why we tell stories. Well, we never talk to someone! We always tell the story.

Let’s come to the point
Storytelling isn’t like planning, strategy, or follow some traditional guideline. Storytelling is known as an art or art of advertising… the “psychological art” of storytelling.
And — in storytelling art — it mainly needs natural creativity, wide vision, strong skill, and hard work also we need to watch things not only by our eyes but also heart. So we can say that storytelling isn’t a thing that you can learn by having any kind of academic degree or reading books. It’s an unfinished game. Because there are no limits to learning about storytelling. It’s a mystery of learning as well!

It seems to a lot of work, right? Maybe it is, and interestingly storytelling has become a very effective communication tool in the most successful marketing campaigns. It makes a connection between brands and consumers as well as shopkeepers. Nowadays, It’s also the heart of marketing. So now we can say that, storytelling is an amazing tool for your brand to add value. That’s why most of the brands don’t try to sell products, they try to sell a story.

What is storytelling?
Storytelling is the way of telling real fact, and positively communicate those facts to your audience. In storytelling some stories are fictional, factual, and some are elaborated to clear the main theme of the message. The definition could be different based on the person’s perspective, but the main purpose of storytelling is reassemble the raw word then sell it as a story (products, service).

We already know that storytelling is an art, and storytelling is very popular all over the world in a different culture, language and society. The story is a universal language. The story does connect people to people also with the products, service. People want to listen story; it could be a joyful story or sad story, but they want to hear the story. When a marketer tries to tell a story through the campaign, people try to relate with them. Interesting story based campaign has mostly been more successful rather than traditional marketing.

Storytelling is like to draw a picture on a blank canvas with factual, fictional worlds. Everybody has a story also they can tell the story as well, but some of them are very skilled to tell a story. We can call them marketer, those who are selling products, service by telling stories. So a good storyteller is a person we can call them as marketers, sellers, creative professionals or content creator.

Storytelling is an Art! 2

Why Do We Tell Stories?
There are lots of reasons to tell stories – mainly in the market space, we tell stories to sell our products, services also ourselves. Every brand has a story, but everyone can’t tell the story, those who are very skilled to tell their story in the market, they lead the market.

So in brief, we can describe that, stories help to make simple messages rather make abstract communications.
Someone says that, “Taking a lofty, non-tangible concept and relating it using concrete ideas is one of the biggest strengths of storytelling in business.”

Storytelling is an Art! 3

Shahriar Neel

Copywriter – Digital Communications at SSL Wireless


This article was published in the publication of Bangladesh Marketing Day 2019. 

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