The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtag Effectively

Mohammed Sanjidul Anwar

The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtag Effectively 1

The article is based on the hashtag #BangladeshMarketingDay, which can be used as a common hashtag for all Bangladesh Marketing Day social media interactions and campaigns.

The instructions below are for a unique branding of a particular topic/event/organization, in this case, the Bangladesh Marketing Day celebrated by Marketers’ Institute, Bangladesh.

  • Hashtag marketing is a concept highly used in Twitter marketing. Later on, other popular social media like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and Google+ adopted this Hashtag marketing concept.
  • The main purpose of a Hashtag marketing campaign is to promote a specific topic, an event, or an organization in a unique way by using a SPECIFIC and IDENTICAL KEYWORD.
  • The Hashtag marketing happens when someone clicks/taps on that particular Hashtag, or, searches that particular Hashtag/Keyword in the search box of Twitter or Facebook. Then, s/he can see the posts that contain that specific Hashtag/Keyword.

So, everyone’s Hashtag MUST BE IDENTICAL by EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER. Somebody who is writing “#BangladeshMarketingDay” and somebody else who is writing “#Bangladesh_Marketing_Day” will not be the same.

The keyword of a Hashtag should be chosen very carefully. Keywords that people are not likely to search should not be used in a Hashtag as such “#RojotoJoyonti”, “#ChottogramBisshobiddaloy”, “#Waiting_for_the_blast”, “#too_much_excited” “#Rockzzz”, “#Life_In_Celebration”, etc. AVOID THESE. People are not going to search these keywords as they are not aware of these hashtags.

  • Hashtag is not case sensitive. So, it can be used in Capital Letter or Small Letter. But to keep it meaningful, “#BangladeshMarketingDay” is always preferable rather than “#BANGLADESH MARKETINGDAY” or “#bangladeshmarketingday”.
  • Do not use any SPACE or UNDERSCORE “_” in a Hashtag. The Keyword should be all together.
  • Using too many Hashtags in a post will make the post confusing. 3-5 Hashtags are preferable depending on the size of the post and the social media platform somebody is using.

Whenever there are any thoughts, excitements, events, or any posts, photos, videos or anything to share about a particular event, use that specific Hashtag as such “#BangladeshMarketingDay” in the post.

  • TRY to keep the post “Public” so that people can find the post. Because of this Public Privacy, a non-friend can also see the post.
  • Increase ENGAGEMENT (Like, Love, Comment, and Share etc.) with a friend’s post, so that the post gets the chance to boost up.

Happy Hashtagging!


The Ultimate Guide to Using Hashtag Effectively 2

Mohammed Sanjidul Anwar

Supply Chain Associate, BSRM Group of Companies



This article was published in the publication of Bangladesh Marketing Day 2019. 

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