Mother Touch Feeder TVC

Mother Touch Feeder TVC

Brand : Mother Touch Feeder
Client : Pran RFL Group
Head of Marketing : Morshed Muneem
Brand Manager : Fahim Hossain

Agency : Grey Advertising Bangladesh Ltd.

Director : Hasan Toufik Ankur
DOP : Monirul Islam Masum

Line Producer : Ahmed Nayeem
1st AD : Konic Hilali
AD’s : Israt Zara
Casting Director : Ziaul Karim Zia
Production Design : Samurai Maruf
Art Director : Omar Faruq
Asst. Art Director : Rana, Palash

Light : Zaman
CG : Post Office
Music : Ripon Nath
Online Edit : Asif Reza Shuvro
Edit : Asif Reza Shuvro
Color Grading : Colorist Jewel

Chief Production Controller : Mosharaf Hossain
Production Manager : Anowar
Accounts : Ruhul Amin Imran

Costume: Farzana Sun
Make Up : Opu
Office Staff : Nurer Nabi

Production House : aida motion

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