Pran Potato Crackers with Mehedi Hasan Miraz

Pran Potato Crackers with Mehedi Hasan Miraz, 2017

Brand: Pran Potato Crackers
Client: Pran-RFL Group

Production House: Applebox Films
Director: Tanveer Hassan
DOP: Murshed Bipul
Executive Producer: Samaresh Mukherji
Production Manager: Shamsul Alam
1st AD: Prostar Hossain ( Achelis Mad )
Assistant Director: Ayon Roy, Moztaba Zahid
Casting Director: Mohammad Rafi Sumon
Assistant Casting Director: Ifrithjena Miti
Costume Designer: Bijaya Bloom
Art Director: Tareq Bablu
Makeup: Tarek Ad

Offline: Mazhar Ronni
Grade & Online : After Studio
Music Director: Khayam Sanu Sandhi
Sound Design: Ripon Nath
Post Producer: Sagnik Bhattacharjee
Post Supervisor: Rezaul Khan

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