MG Motors Bangladesh Corona Awareness Campaign

Practice basic cleanliness to save yourself and your dear ones from Corona Virus.#SteerClearOfCorona

In the month of April of 2020, We launched a content series focusing on the recent pandemic that’s going on all over the world from the Morris Garage Bangladesh Facebook page. As a socially responsible brand, our objective was to create awareness about COVID-19. We all know that the word “Key” has double entendre. We utilized it to communicate our message in a creative fashion. In the visual we have characterized an MG key to amplify the brand presence and tweaked the key’s uneven edges to portray social distancing, staying at home and keeping clean. “The Key to Sth” was the common phrase that we have used to knit the content series together. Our aim was to keep it neat and simple. We upload it one after another on 15th April, 17th April and 19th April consecutively. As you know, Bangladesh is country with a huge population and a huge chunk of the population are not educated and don’t have the knowledge of proper hygiene etiquette. So we tried to create awareness regarding that keeping the brand association with the message.

Brand: Morris Garage Bangladesh
Client: Rancon MG Motor
Agency: Asiatic Marketing Communications Limited

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