The First Marketing Day

The Marketing day was celebrated across the country with festive mood on 1st July 2018 for the very First time by the participation of mentionable numbers of universities, educational institutions and corporate offices through small events, sessions and cutting cakes placed at TSC of University of Dhaka. This amazing program was initiated by Marketing Alumni Association (DU) and convened by the Vice Chancellor of Jagannath University.

Stakeholders from all the sectors came together under one roof to share thoughts, experience and stories. There were storytelling sessions, panel discussion, debate, cultural performances and much more. Besides the speakers, some of the renowned marketers present at the ceremony. Bangladesh Brand Forum was proud knowledge partner of this glamorous event.

The daylong ceremony started with the brief welcoming speech of Shariful Islam Dulu, Member secretary of Bangladesh Marketing Day celebration committee and Prof. Dr. Mijanur Rahman, the Vice-Chancellor of Jagannath University. They shared the main purpose of Bangladesh Marketing day and explained the importance of “Consumers first” policy.
Foreigner marketers was attracted by such ceremony. Jonas Wikstrom, CEO, First Aid Center, Sweden made his remarks at the event and also Mr. Shri Somanathan Sridharan, CEO, CBL Munchee. They shared their experience of establishing their brand in Bangladesh. “A big challenge was thinking from the perspective of a Bangladeshi and here exists a hybrid distribution model” they said.

Following persons delivered their experienced and valuable speech:

  • Prof. Dr. Syed Ferhat Anwar, Director of IBA, Dhaka University. (Keynote speaker)
  • Mr. Mostafa Kamal, Chairman & Managing Director, Meghna Group of Industries.
  • Ms. Uzma Chowdhury, Corporate Finance Director, PRAN-RFL Group.
  • Mr. Syed Alamgir, Managing Director, ACI Consumer Brands.
  • Muneer Ahmed Khan, Managing Director and Creative Chief, Unitrend Ltd.
  • Asif Iqbal, Executive Director of Marketing, Meghna Group of Industries.

They highlighted some marketing manner like the paradigm shift happening in the global context of marketing and how we, in Bangladesh need to adapt to it and make the best of it. They emphasized to understand the customer and make need according to their demand. Marketing, advertisement, logistics, transportation, etc. are all should be connected with the concept of branding. Marketers have more resources and information to work with as distribution channels have become more streamlined and consumer thought processes have evolved to create new opportunities
In the end, students from the marketing clubs of different universities presented their views on marketing. With utmost enthusiasm, the young minds shared their clubs’ support to the initiative and presented how their club is helping spread the knowledge of marketing through different events.

Musical performances and other cultural segments ended the day-long celebration in a festive mood.

This article was published in the publication of Bangladesh Marketing Day 2019. 

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