Packaging Story: Dove Men+Care Packaging Design

Packaging Story: Dove Men+Care Packaging Design 1photo: forceMAJEURE

⁠Dove Men+Care believes that care makes a man stronger.

Real strength is shown through the care you give to the people that matter – and that includes you. Whether you’re looking for a deodorant to keep you feeling fresh and dry all day or you want a body wash to help keep your skin hydrated, Dove Men+Care products are designed to protect and care for your skin.

Dove appointed Force Majeure design agency to create a new naturals range within the Dove Men+Care portfolio. This premium range of body washes, deodorants and hair care is made with nature inspired fragrances and plant-based moisturizers. The body washes and shampoos are comprised of at least 90% naturally derived ingredients and the bottles are made with 100% recyclable plastic. ⁠⁠

The challenge in terms of packaging design the agency developing an elevated look that differentiates from the core range, but is still clearly part of the Dove Men+Care brand. Design and production teams worked hard to ensure the illustration output was aligned across all categories on different substrates and bottle structures.⁠⁠

New Range Creation, Visual Strategy, Packaging design.

Packaging Story: Dove Men+Care Packaging Design 2
Dove Men+ Care Charcoal Clay
Packaging Story: Dove Men+Care Packaging Design 3
Dove Men+ Care Soothing Sandalwood + Orange Plant Based Dry Spray
Packaging Story: Dove Men+Care Packaging Design 4
Dove Men + Care 0% Aluminum Lime + Sage Plant Based Deodorant Stick


Note: Dove’s brand, logo, and packaging are copyrighted by Unilever. Creative designs and photo source: Force Majeure

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