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In the world where everyone asks, let us give. There is a famous quote of Jig Jiglar that amazes me all the time, “Stop selling, start helping”. The infatuation towards closing deals and getting paychecks at times take away the core purpose of the service, which is to add value to the counterpart. As a professional corporate trainer, I learn my living by developing others, cementing our company value “inspiring people to take a lead in their lives” in our day to day operation. All that we look for is progress in others. From the very beginning of our journey since 2015, value and proper branding of value has been our north star.

The value of our brand depends on how we brand value

From an organizational perspective, we can brand our core competencies, our achievements, landmarks and of course products and service. But the moment we chose to brand the value consumers will get from us, we leverage the communication game to a new level. Everyone talks about how good they are, very few talks about what good they can offer than others. Let’s set back and think how we are reaching out to our prospects, how are we nurturing them and how are we retaining them. It is high time to start branding value.

The famous jab, jab, right hook

Value focused communication does not necessarily mean not asking or selling at all. It is a numbers game! The term “jab, jab, right hook” was coined by Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the influencer marketers of modern times. The ideation suggests giving more and asking less. If we keep giving to consumers on and on and then ask them something in return, that’s where we win. The bottom line is, to give more and then ask from the consumers. It is up to you to figure out how you can architect the communication process that ensures more giving and less asking based on your brand position.

The Bigger Picture

I am no brand expert, but from my common sense as a consumer, I can say that value will pay you back in the long run. Whatever brand I associate with as a consumer is because I got some value from them that others could not give. Isn’t that a good enough reason to be loyal to a brand? Now thinking from the perspective of the brand, let’s look at the bigger picture and see how we can add more value to the consumer so that we can win over them in the long run. We can pick to play one day match or play a test game to keep the consumers with us.

We become valuable by adding value

If we want to become valuable, we need to add value. The more value we add, the more valuable we become. Be so valuable to your brand, that the consumer will pay any value to be associated with your brand. This is not part of communication only; this motto needs to be embedded in every sphere of your organization. From research and development, product development, to brand engagement and every possible aspect of your brand. Relook and find where we can become more valuable to our consumers.

With my limited knowledge and experience, I believe the significance of focusing on value will leverage our brands to soaring heights and cement the brand name in the lifestyle of your consumer. So let’s brand again, let’s brand value!

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