If Himalayas are Marketing then Everest is its Sales

Dr. Shariful Islam Dulu

If Himalayas are Marketing then Everest is its Sales 1

School of Sales Management: A Dreamy Bridge in Sales Profession

Bangladesh is a potential country consisting of hundred and sixty three million human resources. Where 66 percent people are operational. Yet, this percentage of these human resources as an expert workers unexpectedly low.
“Human Capital” is an effective global word that produces the productivity of human resources and the concept of investing human resources. It’s essential to be one of the prime objective of the ongoing time to build a vast mass of expert human capital.

School of Sales Management – (SSM), is the first and only sales management institute in Bangladesh has started its journey in 2017 to develop human capital. It started working on the practical field of sales management, practical sales education and training. It is the largest single professional sales community in Bangladesh. Here in Bangladesh, about three million people are connected directly with this profession and almost the same number of people are involved in similar profession.

The goal of this company is to have a huge positive impact on the country’s business & commerce sector particularly in developing expert human capital. Approximately 90 percent of pipe linear business earn their lion share revenue from the sales activities.

In that case, if we look at the skills and improvements of the people of this working area, except just a few organizations, almost all of them are backward in the sales team training and initial developmental steps. Moreover, the educational institutions of the country provide academic sales education while studying, but practical education is being overlooked.

School of Sales Management helps to develop the skills of those who are working in the sales profession or those who want to work in this profession and are working to create the skills and interest of the workers of this profession in the future. This organization has been making efforts to make the sales profession of Bangladesh a successful business with the aim of creating expert human capital.

Before the entry of graduates into the workplace in Bangladesh & to build their skills and to become interested in the sales profession, School of Sales Management is going to launch the “Employability Skill Program” jointly with the London Education for Development, UK, which will help our meritorious graduates to enter the global workplace.
School of Sales Management has been working for all the posts of sales professionals – the postal manpower including the skill development of the marginal sales representative and the work of SSM in all the departmental cities, so that the interested people can get access to their desired work by acquiring their required skills & the institutions will get their desired skilled professionals. The percentage of monthly turnover of Sales Representative or Equivalent sales profession of decline in monthly income is around 15% to 25%. In the meantime, instead of the long recruitment process, the “Plug and Play” process would be helpful in establishing a relationship bridge with the organization.

Bangladesh’s sales profession will play an important role as a dignified, joyous, creative and interested career which will stand high in the economy of Bangladesh. And the country’s skilled- practical talented sales professionals will be developed by the “School of Sales Management” in upcoming days.

In the end, if the “Himalayas are Marketing then Everest is its Sales profession”, this aura may embellish our Bangladesh.

If Himalayas are Marketing then Everest is its Sales 2

Dr. Shariful Islam Dulu

Managing Director & CEO Marktale Bangladesh Limited &
Founder, School Of Sales Management



This article was published in the publication of Bangladesh Marketing Day 2019. 

Dr. Shariful Islam Dulu
Managing Director, Marktale Consulting Group. Founder, School Of Sales Management