BrandTalk 3.0 themed ‘Stories of Sustainability’ held

BrandTalk 3.0 themed 'Stories of Sustainability’ held 1

BrandTalk 3.0 themed ‘Stories of Sustainability’ held at the Hotel Westin Dhaka on March 11, 2022.

Maintaining business continuity during the Coronation period, conducting current and future business, successfully surviving the brand in adversity and competition – these were the main themes of this year’s BrandTalk.

This year’s Dano Brandtalk 3.0 was held at the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Westin in the capital. The event started at 3 pm and lasted till 10 pm and ended with a buffet dinner. About 300 marketing, advertising, media, market research professionals and teachers and students participated in this BrandTalk.

Mirza Muhammad Ileush, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brand Practitioners Bangladesh, said, “Survival is crucial for a brand in the current coronavirus situation. This year’s BrandTalk discusses the two most important issues of survival and moving forward in a hostile environment. In addition to the great season, BrandTalk has had a great meeting with people of the community, which was a joy for the participants.’ Lastly, Md Shorab Hossain Guddu, Head of Program and Admin of Brand Practitioners, thanked everyone and invited them to dinner!

Note that Brand Practitioners Bangladesh organized the first BrandTalk in 2019. Brand Practitioners Bangladesh has been an influential community for discussion and networking among marketing professionals in Bangladesh since 2014. Apart from BrandTalk, Brand Practitioners Bangladesh has also organized important events titled Food and Beverage Marketing Fest, Building Materials Marketing Fest, Inter-University Marketing Debate, Digital Marketing, Branding Business.

Dano BrandTalk 3.0 Powered by Walton & Daraj was organized on Friday 11th March 2022 as the initiative of Brand Practitioners Bangladesh. Organized with the theme ‘Stories of Sustainability’, the event featured 16 marketing professionals and entrepreneurs from the corporate world discussing various aspects of marketing in the light of their experiences.

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