‘PR & Brand Comms Summit 2019’ is to be held on Oct 26th

To uplift the skills of public relations, media management and brand communications strategies, the first-ever ‘PR & Brand Comms Summit 2019’ is to be held in the city. The daylong Summit will hold on Saturday, October 26 at Krishibid Institution Bangladesh (KIB) Complex. Communication firm Ra’dia Inc in association with Dream Deviser and ShobdoKolpoDrum have hosted the immersive Summit.


Summit Coordinator and Ra’dia CEO Syed Rabius Shams has said they would host the summit every year from now. The initiative is an ideal opportunity for mid-level and young professionals, entrepreneurs, fresher, students and PR & digital marketing enthusiasts, he said. The attendees will get an interactive-milieu and an experience-sharing platform from the creative communicators, domain experts and real-life educators where the sessions will sequentially upright the required knowledge and skills needed to excel in the public communications, advertising and branding ecosystem. It will be a great networking opportunity for young and aspirant PR professionals connecting with some of the country’s most influential entities and organisations.

Organisers said that in the summit the ‘PR Excellence Award’ will be given to two individuals and one organisation for their contribution to the Public Relations Sector. Some 200 participants will attend the Summit aged between 20 and 40. The last date for online registration is Oct 20. Details about the event can be found at bit.ly/2lDap9m or the people willing to participate can call 01680-589878.

The Ads of Bangladesh is the Outreach Partner of the event.

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