Connected Customer Experience in the Phygital World

Online Session on “Connected Customer Experience in the Phygital World”

Online Session on “Connected Customer Experience in the Phygital World” was held on 21st September 2021. The session was a confluence of Industry leaders from Retail, e-Commerce, FMCG, MFS, and other relevant industry verticals.

A panel discussion was held on the topic Automating Customer Service in Retail where A K M Moinul Islam Moin, Executive Director (Culinary Business), PRAN-RFL Group; Mohammod Khourshed Alam, Director Operations, Akij Ceramics and Akij Board; Arfanul Hoque, GM & Head of Retail, BATA Shoe Company (Bangladesh) Ltd. were present as distinguished panelist and Md. Tajdin Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Daraz as the Panel Moderator. The discussion ended with a Q&A session.

Online Session on Connected Customer Experience in the Phygital World
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The panelists discussed the impact of automation on customer personalization and convenience towards brand loyalty and scopes of omnichannel strategies to trigger effective action against different customer actions. The panelists shared their view on how they see the future of in-store automation in Bangladesh, major security concerns from both brand and customer-aspect, technological adaptation for retail automation and growing demand for seamless and consistent experience from customers. It was also discussed that how a comprehensive, stimulated, and fulfilling customer experience can be achieved in the future Phygital world.

Rahad Hossain, Country Manager, Infobip Bangladesh presented how Infobip’s omnichannel solutions can help retailers can go the extra mile to understand the changing consumer behavior and accordingly pivot the customer experience by serving digitally on all touchpoints that can add value, efficiencies, and innovation.

A customer story-based Fireside Chat was held where Omer Sharif Ibney Hai, Head of Growth, Chaldal, shared his experience on e-commerce customer engagement strategies, how Infobip Solutions impacted customer engagement of their organization and Chaldal’s plan in adopting omnichannel customer journey.

Recorded Live

The session was organized by Think Art Limited in partnership with Infobip Bangladesh and association with Brand Practitioners of Bangladesh (BPB)

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